Conor McGregor Punts Talk he Could Retire From MMA Due to Fortune He’s Made

Conor McGregor

Due to the fortune Conor McGregor has amassed now through fighting and his Proper 12 Whiskey, there’s been speculation that the star could ultimately, decide to hang-up-the-gloves. But, not only has McGregor reaffirmed his love for fighting, it sounds like the “Notorious” one hopes to fight for a while yet.

Recently McGregor posted the comments below, while responding to a fan who noted he no longer needs to compete in the cage.

I hear you but I love it dearly. If I am being honest with myself I don’t think I will ever be able to fully walk away from fighting.
We are all fighters in this world and each of us will be fighting for the rest of our time here. So why not do it live on PPV baby. Pop a bottle!

McGregor has been pretty active in recent weeks, commenting on fights, potential bouts etc, so the comments above shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. Could McGregor, however, change his mind once he moves into his 30’s and his children continue to grow up? It’s possible.

Further, while McGregor has made it clear he still loves to fight, one would think the days of him fighting three times annually are over. At this stage, McGregor doesn’t need to work his way up into big fights, and he also holds plenty of cards when it comes to negotiating when and who he’s willing to battle.

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