Colby Covington Makes His Case For Why He’d Cruise Through Khabib Nurmagomedov

No one to date has been able to defeat Khabib Nurmagomedov in the cage. But, not only does Colby Covington think he’d defeat the UFC’s lightweight champ, he claims facing Khabib would be his easiest scrap to date.

In an age where super fights between UFC champions are happening on a more regular basis, if Covington defeats current welterweight champ, Kamaru Usman, then you never know. A bout between “Chaos” and the undefeated lightweight could, maybe, maybe happen.

Well, while discussing that scenario recently on Submission Radio, Covington had this to say about his chances against Khabib (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Yeah, I mean, it’s an easy fight,” Covington said. “And he’s already been asking to fight GSP in between welterweight and lightweight, and I can make in between welterweight and lightweight cause I’m not a big welterweight. So, it’s gonna be more rewarding to smash two of Ali’s biggest clients and just leave him crying, dude. He’s already emotional. You saw how emotional he was at the last fight. So, taking down two of his clients and meal tickets is gonna be a sweet feeling.”

“Oh man, he would be my easiest challenge,” Covington said. “He’s small and he doesn’t even do what I do as good as I do it. He can’t wrestle as good as me, he’s never faced a high-level Division I All American, a kid who’s been wrestling his whole life. That Sambo sh*t, that sh*t’s weak, man. If wrestling were easy, it would be called Sambo. But it’s not, it’s called wrestling.”

Now, Covington isn’t the first person to raise this narrative: that a top tier wrestler is the person to defeat Khabib. The champ has defeated experienced and noted wrestlers/grapplers like Pat Healy, Abel Trujillo and Al Iaquinta in his UFC run. But, you could certainly make the case that Covington would be his toughest test to date on the wrestling front.

This is one of the reasons some folks believe Justin Gaethje – a top-ranked lightweight – could pose a stiff, stiff challenge for Nurmagomedov. Recently the latter’s coach, Javier Mendez, shot down that idea.

A date for the expected bout between Covington and Usman has yet to be booked.

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