UFC on ESPN+6 Results: Anthony Pettis Utilizes Superpowers, KOs Stephen Thompson

A year or two ago, we were saying that Anthony Pettis was washed up. Last night he fought Stephen Thompson at welterweight and knocked him out.

Anthony Pettis was the lightweight champ for a spell, while Stephen Thompson has long been a top welterweight contender. That one weight class difference might not seem like it should matter too much, but when you’re talking about two ace striker, yeah, the extra height, extra reach and extra pounds can lead to a heck of an advantage.

So, of course when Pettis and Thompson fought in the main event of UFC on ESPN+6 last, Pettis took a bit of a beating. Of course. The dude has competed at featherweight, so of course Thompson is going to be able to light him up.

But dismissing Pettis’ skills and talents is folly, because late in the second round, seemingly out of nowhere, the former lightweight king landed a Superman punch that knocked Thompson out.

The rest of the event was pretty much Decision City, population: boring. Although Randa Markos did tap out Angela Hill with an armbar.

But man oh man, Pettis… He was racking up some losses for a while, but the dude has been killing it lately.

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