UFC on ESPN Results: Junior Dos Santos Punches Derrick Lewis Into Oblivion

Junior dos Santos is a long way away from the days when he was the best in the division, but he can still beat up Derrick Lewis.

There was a UFC in Wichita, KS, last night, and if you know anything about American geography… you still probably don’t know where to find Wichita, KS. But! The main event was former heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos against stone-fisted ham-and-egger Derrick Lewis! And the while it lasted, the fight was exciting!

Essentially, it was all about JDS stalking Lewis, pecking away with jabs to the body and leg-kicks. Lewis did well firing back with kicks of his own (wait, he can kick?), but the real thrills came whenever Lewis fed him some knuckle-sandwiches.

A few of them made the Brazilian stumble and fall, which, when you consider the times in recent history when JDS got smashed, really lent some gravity to the situation. Then Lewis ate a body blow that had him struggling to stay alive until the bell – fun!

Eventually, though, JDS was just too accurate and too aggressive, and in Round 2, he began tagging Lewis in the head until Lewis dropped.

I don’t know what a win over Lewis does for JDS and his standing in the division, but hey, it was a good enough performance for a show in Wichita.

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