UFC 235 Results: Kamaru Usman Makes Tyron Woodley Look Like a Chump, Takes Belt

The welterweight division was fun when striker Robbie Lawler was champ, but since Tyron Woodley became king, it's all wrestling.

He won TUF 21, but you can’t hold that against him now. No, not after Kamaru Usman beat the ever-loving crap out of champ Tyron Woodley for five full rounds.

Woodley has been a pretty okay champ. He’s got no charisma, so the division has suffered a bit because of it, but whatever. Woodley is a tough, talented dude.

And Usman made him look like a chump.

There’s a lot I could say about what went down, but the clips in these tweets paint the full picture best:

Maybe Woodley had an “off” night, maybe Usman is just that good. Regardless, now we’re going to get to see Usman destroy Colby Covington, and that’s good.

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