Stop Telling Us Wrestling Is Fake!

WWE has a tendency to let us know wrestling is fake at a regular basis, but getting rid of kayfabe leaves much to be desired.

WWE has a tendency to let us know wrestling is fake at a regular basis. Stop and think about that for a moment! This is the company who has made a living out of putting on stories and larger than life personas! Now, it seems the company has turned on its own product. It is time to stop, and this is why!

We Watch Wrestling to Escape, to Be Excited, and to Relax


Attention WWE, there is a reason why wrestling fans are wrestling fans. We prefer to watch this product just to escape a busy week of work, or simply to get excited about a great storyline. Getting rid of that kayfabe leaves much to be desired, as there is nothing to forward to anymore.

Instead of the iconic matches we used to get, we now get this cold serving of harsh reality. Feuds seem to be based on some part of the character’s life, just think about the feud between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Having that little girl involved in the whole thing was too much for me to watch. And, frankly it shouldn’t have happened.

The lack of kayfabe is not going to stop though, especially when you take a look at the current Rousey versus Lynch rivalry.

Goodbye Kayfabe

Ronda Rousey

When looking at kayfabe these days, you will have a hard time finding it. In fact, it may be buried so deep we will never find it again!

The real kayfabe break came with the rivalry between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch, who are doing this weird mix and match of real and scripted at the moment. While this was done with the intent of increasing interest for the match, I fear it has done the opposite.

Instead of going by their in-ring personas, Rousey keeps calling Becky Lynch by her real name. She also keeps stating she is going off script and that she doesn’t care.

Triple H Breaks Kayfabe


One of the people I never thought would break kayfabe in a promo was none other than Triple H. This is another sign of the weird new direction the WWE is taking.

Shortly after the attack at the Ric Flair birthday celebration, Triple H referred to Ric as “Richard Fliehr,” once again his real name. While the attack on Flair was undoubtedly a storyline, why break kayfabe? I guess wrestling is changing for the worse these days.

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