Smackdown Live (3/19/2019): Recap & Results

Ringside Intel brings you a recap and results for tonight’s Smackdown Live (3/19/2019) broadcast. Show starts at 8 pm EST.

SmackDown Live

Ringside Intel brings you a recap and results for tonight’s Smackdown Live (3/19/2019) broadcast. Pre-show starts at 7:50 pm EST and the main show starts at 8 pm EST. Can Kofi Kingston earn a WWE title shot at WrestleMania by winning tonight’s Gauntlet Match? Tweet and follow @RingsideIntel on Twitter.

Smackdown Live: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and The Miz comes out to the ring. Miz says he’s sacrificed a lot getting to the top of this business. This business has meant everything to him. But his friendship with Shane McMahon meant everything to him too. Miz says it may sound corny but it really was a great moment for him when his father got in the ring and said he was proud and that he loved him. That was all because of Shane. But then Shane turned on him. Shane even attacked Miz’s father and Miz says Shane is a disgusting human being, just like Vince McMahon.

Miz says he’s earned every opportunity he’s ever had, but now Shane has earned something: a beatdown from the Miz at WrestleMania. With that, Miz takes his leave as his music starts to play.


Tag Team Match: Tag Champs The Boss’n’Hug Connection vs. The IIconics

The IIconics cheat to pull out the victory.

Winners: The IIconics


Kevin Owens comes out to the ring for the “new and improved” Kevin Owens Show. Owens says he usually calls WrestleMania “KO-mania” but this year is all about Kofi Kingston. But another crucial thread leading up to ‘Mania is the story of The Man Becky Lynch. And Becky is one of his guests tonight. Becky comes out to the ring and the crowd chants her name. Charlotte is his other guest, and the crowd boos her entrance. Owens starts to list off some of the occurrences that have caused bad blood between the two of them, as well as with Raw Women’s Champ Ronda Rousey.

Eventually, Becky and Charlotte come to blows and start scrapping all around the ring area as officials rush out to try and restore order.


AJ Styles cuts a promo backstage.


WWE Champion Daniel Bryan comes out with Rowan to cut a promo. Bryan says Kofi Kingston getting a chance to earn a title shot in the Gauntlet Match later in an injustice. Kofi does not deserve the chance, says Bryan. Kofi is just a B+ player and B+ is not good enough. No matter how much the audience chants his name, that will never change. The crowd chants Kofi’s name anyways. Bryan says Kofi has lost in every opportunity he’s had. New Day’s music hits and they come out to the ring. Kofi goes up on the turnbuckles and the crowd chants for him some more as he gets ready for his Gauntlet Match.

Gauntlet Match

Sheamus is Kofi’s first opponent in the match. Kofi eliminates Sheamus.

Cesaro is the next man in the match. Kofi eliminates Cesaro.

Rowan comes out next. Rowan ends up battering Kofi with a steel chair, getting himself eliminated but the damage has been done. Rowan continues beating Kofi down, despite being eliminated, and ultimately puts him through the announce table.

The next entrant in the match is United States Champion Samoa Joe. Periodically throughout the match, the backstage area is shown and more and more superstars are gathering around to root Kofi’s struggle on. Kofi eliminates Samoa Joe, but Joe leaves Kofi mangled in the ring, desperately trying to recover before his final opponent comes out.

Randy Orton enters. Kofi ends up pinning Orton for the 3-count and earning his title shot at WrestleMania.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

After the match, Vince McMahon comes out and congratulates Kofi. He says Kofi is going to WrestleMania… as long as he can defeat one more opponent. New Day is beside themselves and the crowd boos. Vince wishes Kofi good luck and then WWE Champ Daniel Bryan comes out as the final hurdle in Kofi’s way.

Singles Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

Bryan delivers a a Knee to Kofi and gets the pinfall, dashing Kofi and the WWE Universe’s hopes…

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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