Paige VanZant Doing That Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Shoot Like a Boss

If there is any UFC fighter best suited to do a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoot, it's Paige VantZant. Yeah, definitely Paige VanZant.

UFC darling Paige VanZant won’t be fighting for any belts anytime soon, because, you know, she’s not the best fighter. But she is for sure the absolute best at crossing over into the mainstream and soaking up whatever opportunities come her way.

She nearly won “Dancing With the Stars”. She’s been on TV like crazy. And now she’s appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Because she’s Paige VanZant – what else would you expect?

Anyway, she posted some behind-the-scenes to her Instagram.

I think she’s doing okay. What do you think?

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