Monday Night Raw (3/4/2019): Recap & Results

Ringside Intel brings you a recap and results for tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw (3/4/2019) broadcast. Show starts at 8 pm EST.

Monday Night Raw

Ringside Intel brings you a recap and results for tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw (3/4/2019) broadcast. Pre-show starts at 7:50 pm EST and the main show at 8 pm EST. How will Triple H respond to Batista’s violent message to him last week? Tweet and follow @RingsideIntel on Twitter.

Monday Night Raw: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Roman Reigns comes out to the ring. Reigns tells everyone that last week was the comeback, and this week he takes his yard back. Reigns says there is one man standing in his way and that’s his brother Seth Rollins. He calls Rollins to come out to the ring to address this and Rollins obliges. Rollins states his position that he will beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. But he also acknowledges that Reigns deserves a shot as much as he does. Reigns concurs and wishes Rollins luck. What Reigns really wants is a favor.

Rollins says anything. Reigns says he wants to get the band back together, one last time. Rollins says anything, but that. Rollins points out Ambrose’s behavior, attacking him on the same night Reigns gave the news about his Leukemia. Reigns says he learned something when he was battling all that. He learned that life is precious and you never know how much time you have left. And he doesn’t know if Ambrose is coming or going, he just knows he’s making headlines right now. Regardless, Reigns wants to stand with his brothers one more time.

Rollins says he put that part of his life behind him, but Reigns is right. Life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed. If Reigns wants The Shield one last time, Rollins says, “I’m in!” Reigns tells Ambrose to come out… and then the music hits. Ambrose comes out to the main stage with a mic in his hand. Before he can start talking, Elias appears behind him and smashes a guitar across his back. Reigns and Rollins charge up the aisle but Elias has already disappeared by the time they get there. They try to tend to him, but Ambrose angrily storms off as the crowd boos.


6-Man Tag Team Match: IC Champ Finn Balor, Braun Strowman & Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin

Lashley pins Balor to pick up the win for his team.

Winners: Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin

After the match, the heels continue there relentless assault on the babyfaces.


Singles Match: Natalya vs. Ruby Riott

Natalya pulls out the quick win.

Winner: Natalya

After the match, Lacey Evans does a catwalk down and up the aisle.


Triple H comes out to the ring to address the Batista situation from last week. He says last week he wasn’t just there to celebrate Ric Flair’s 70th birthday. He was there for Richard Fliehr, as man he drove up and down the road with. A man who is a dear friend. And because Batista couldn’t get his own way, he attacks a 70 year old man? Batista wanted Triple H’s attention and now he has it. Triple H says he will go wherever Batista wants; name it and he will be there. But the thing is that when they stand across from each other, Batista won’t be looking at The Game. There won’t be any characters. Batista will be staring at the man himself.


Stephanie McMahon says Ronda Rousey committed blasphemy last week when she laid the belt at her feet and abdicated the championship. As of now, Becky Lynch’s 60-day suspension is lifted and she and Charlotte Flair will compete for the vacant belt at Fastlane.


Backstage, Reigns tries talking to Dean Ambrose. Reigns tells Ambrose he always has a seat beside him in the locker room and he’s always there to talk. Ambrose is pacing and looks tense. He decides to leave, saying he has to get ready for his match.


Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Heavy Machinery defeats The B-Team first.

The Ascension enters the match next.

Heavy Machinery defeats The Ascension.

Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder enter the match next.

Heavy Machinery defeats Hawkins & Ryder to win the Gauntlet Match.

Winners: Heavy Machinery


Seth Rollins tries to reason with Dean Ambrose about rejoining The Shield. Ambrose declines.


Elias comes out and starts singing a song, bashing the crowd and they begin booing him. Then Dean Ambrose comes out for their match.

Singles Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Elias

Elias defeats Ambrose with a Drift Away.

Winner: Elias

After the match, Rollins and Reigns come out to make the offer to Ambrose again. They ask him, “What’s it gunna be?” Ambrose paces angrily and then starts to leave through the crowd, which is booing him. Ambrose makes it halfway up the steps and then Baron Corbin’s music hits. Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley come out and start trashing all the pathetic attempts to reunite The Shield. Then they start to brawl with Rollins and Reigns, who are out-numbered. Ambrose suddenly runs down the steps to the ring to save his Shield brothers.

Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley are repelled and The Shield stands strong in the ring. The crowd chants, “Shield! Reigns and Rollins put their fists in. Ambrose makes everyone wait for it but then he throws his fist in the middle and the crowd goes wild. Their music starts to play.


Singles Match: Sasha Banks (with Bayley) vs. Tamina (with Nia Jax)

Jax interferes and Tamina levels Banks with a superkick for the victory.

Winner: Tamina


Tag Team Match: The Revival vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black

Chad Gable & Bobby Roode attack The Revival and causes a disqualification.

Winners: Ricochet & Aleister Black (DQ)

Ricochet & Black give a warning to Gable & Roode.


Stephanie McMahon comes out to formally announce the Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair Women’s Title match. Becky and Charlotte join her in the ring. Steph just needs Becky to sign an agreement that says WWE is not responsible if Becky gets injured in the match. This is because Becky isn’t 100%, as she is still on crutches with an injury. Becky ultimately signs and Steph says the match is officially on. But then Ronda Rousey is shown on the screen storming her way into the arena, angrily coming toward the ring area.

Rousey tells Steph she never vacated the title. She gave her a week to think about it. She wanted her to include Becky, not exclude her. Steph gives Rousey her title back and says Becky will still face Charlotte at Fastlane. If Becky loses, she’s done. If she wins, she’ll be added to the title match at WrestleMania. Steph asks if that will satisfy everything Rousey wants. Rousey suddenly gets angry and cuts a promo where she says she’s not gunna be everyone’s dancing monkey. She’s tired of pretending. She could go rogue at any time and run all their lives if she wanted to and she’s not going to play nice anymore.

Rousey attacks Becky and starts battering her. Charlotte watches from the outside Rousey disrespects Becky and shoves her foot around on her face as she mean mugs Charlotte while holding the title above her head.


Stephanie is backstage and she’s furious over Rousey’s actions and says now she’s shown her true colors. She says Rousey’s actions were completely unjustified and she is a loose cannon. Steph says Rousey might face consequences.

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