John Cena Drops Major Hint at Kurt Angle Match

Kurt Angle will be retiring from the wrestling game this year and he intends to wreslte his last match at WrestleMania with a major superstar!

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has already dropped the sad news that he will be retiring from the wrestling game this year. He intends on having his last match at WrestleMania; this against a currently unknown superstar.

Of course, there is plenty of speculation about the superstar who will be facing Angle during his retirement match. One of the most top names being bandied about is John Cena. And, he’s fueling further speculation with his cryptic message on Instagram.

John Cena Versus Kurt Angle At WrestleMania 35


However, John Cena has not made an official statement about facing Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35. That being said, he did post a cryptic picture of Kurt Angle on his Instagram, indicating there could be some truth to the current rumors.

Interestingly, John Cena does not have a match for WrestleMania 35. That could mean a retirement match between Cena and Angle is currently in the works. It could certainly prove an interesting one, especially when you consider the pair have a long history.

John Cena and Kurt Angle Have Always Been Linked – The Perfect Retirement Match

Kurt Angle is largely responsible for John Cena’s rise in the WWE. In fact, a young John Cena faced Kurt Angle during his debut. After their match, “Ruthless Aggression” became a thing and Cena’s career lifted off.

Cena made his WWE debut on June 27, 2002. A young Cena would accept Kurt Angle’s open challenge on SmackDown and show his determination in the ring. Angle would not make it easy though and put Cena through the ringer. However, his determination and drive convinced the WWE audience and the folks backstage of John’s value.

Of course, the persona we saw as John Cena back then was considerably different than the Cena we get now. Still, it was certainly an impressive debut.

Considering the fact that Cena’s career got launched because of Angle, it is certainly not a bad idea to get Angle and Cena in the ring for Angle’s retirement match.

While there are a lot of other superstars that could put on a good retirement match with Angle, Cena is undoubtedly the best where nostalgia and continuity are concerned. They can even make some “Ruthless aggression” references! I also think that Cena is the only one who can provide Angle with the respect he deserves as a veteran. And give him a retirement match that makes him look strong.

While we are still waiting for official confirmation from the WWE, Cena, or Angle, I am sure some other names may come to the surface. Of course, the WWE Universe is secretly hoping the retirement match between Cena and Angle will happen.

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