Asuka Dropped on Her Head During Live Event

Asuka and Mandy Rose battled during a WWE Live Event and things went wrong; the ref stopped the match since it looked like Asuka was dropped on her head.

Asuka and Mandy Rose had a match during a WWE Live Event. However, things went wrong, and the referee was forced to stop the match. According to fans, Asuka was dropped on her head. And, some fans filmed what happened at the event. However, I must mention that Asuka denies she was dropped on her head during the event, which I will elaborate on later in this post.

Dropped on Her Head?


During the Live Event, fans initially believed that Asuka was dropped on her head. The match was also stopped, which is an indication Asuka was not able to continue with the match. Shortly after the match was stopped, Asuka was spotted surrounded by WWE medical staff.

Asuka’s Statement

Asuka took to social media to put her fans’ mind at ease. She stated that she was hit on the back and that she neither has a concussion or a neck injury.

The tricky thing about wrestling is that even a slight deviation of a basic move can have some dire consequences, just look at Paige and how a simple dropkick from the rope forced her to retire. Asuka seemed disorientated and legitimately injured. The referee made the right decision by stopping the match.

It is important to note that the human body has many connections. For example, being hit on the back can cause some problems with the head and the neck, and vice versa. Our bodies are filled with nerves, so being hit on a specific one could cause disorientation or other symptoms. I just hope this was the case for Asuka and it was not something more serious. She’s only just gotten started as The Empress on the main roster, so an injury is the last thing she needs right now. I also hope Asuka is getting the appropriate medical care after that hit, as it did appear quite serious at the time.

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