Another Day, Another Restraining Order: Tony Ferguson Edition

Tony Ferguson's wife has a restraining order against him, which makes me wonder if getting punched in the head for a living is good for relationships...?

Tony Ferguson

It seems that restraining orders are all the rage these days. Matt Hughes‘ wife and brother got one against the Hall of Famer for some pretty egregious domestic violence. And now Tony Ferguson’s wife has one. Why? Well, if the accusations are true…

…the top lightweight fighter has been acting a bit nutty lately.

Here’s MMAJunkie with the sad details:

The restraining order was filed less than one week after six police units were dispatched to the Ferguson home in Santa Ana. Cristina Ferguson told police she was at her parent’s house in La Mirada this past Friday when Tony Ferguson took their 2-year-old son back to their house and changed the locks on the doors, according to a police report. She said she didn’t fear for the child’s safety, and officers left after determining there was no custody order and no crime committed.

On Feb. 19, police conducted a welfare check on Tony Ferguson after he made unknown threats, and his wife and son left their house, according to a separate police report. Police spoke to an unidentified female who stated Tony Ferguson had “not slept for three days and was tearing apart the home” and “broke apart the fire place and believed someone placed a (computer) chip in his leg.” An unidentified male who’d called the police said the fighter had told him “someone was inside his walls.” Nearly two hours after the police made contact, Cristina Ferguson told police her husband’s trainer couldn’t get him to leave the house to see a doctor.

Just three days earlier, on Feb. 16, Cristina Ferguson called police from a nearby park after leaving their home. She said that, while Tony Ferguson hadn’t been violent to her or anyone else, she was concerned for her husband’s well being. In police comments on the incident report, she reported that “he kept throwing ‘holy water’ at her,” and his condition – redacted in the report – had been getting worse. He’d also refused to go to a hospital for an evaluation.

When officers showed up to the their house, one advised Tony Ferguson to see a doctor. He agreed to go and was not deemed a danger to himself or others. But Cristina Ferguson was advised to take their child to her parents’ house.

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