UFC on ESPN+3 Results: Gian Villante Gets Smoked By Michal Oleksiejczuk

Gian Villante is the kind of guy the UFC can count on to throw heat, and either win hard or lose hard. Hey, it's rough, but it's a living.

The UFC went to Prague, Czech Republic today, and as usual with these international-regional shows, there were a lot of names on the card that had no meaning to fans like us. But there were a few recognizable faces near the top of the card. Like Gian Villante – remember him?

Yeah, Chris Weidman’s buddy has been banging it out in the Octagon for a while now, and with mixed results. But he’s good for scrap when the UFC wants to ensure, so welcome to Prague, Gian. Now start swinging.

Opponent Michal Oleksiejczuk was a Polish striker who beat Khalil Roundtree in his UFC debut but went awry with the drug test. I guess you could say this would be his “do over”.

So yeah, this one lasted about a minute and a half, with Villante kicking and punching and landing here and there, and Oleksiejczuk saying, “Grrrrr, give me flesh,” and blasting the American with a killer body blow. Villante took about two steps, then crumpled, and that was all she wrote.

Now we’ll see if Oleksiejczuk passes his drug test…

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