UFC on ESPN Results: Francis Ngannou KOs Cain Velasquez in 26 Seconds

Cain Velasquez was the scariest heavyweight around years ago. Now he's held together by duct tape and prone to getting knocked out.

The once mighty Cain Velasquez, who reigned as champ long ago and was heralded as the scariest of heavyweights, lasted not even half a minute against Francis Ngannou at UFC on ESPN last night.

The bout was essentially just Velasquez closing the distance and Ngannou swinging away until the wrestler dropped.

It’s worth noting that Velasquez has been stuck on the sidelines on and off for years, plagued by injuries. And Ngannou is no slouch – he’s a top challenger in fact.

But after the fight, Velasquez tried to say that the punches didn’t faze him, that it was his knee that gave out.

Um, okay buddy. Whatever you say.

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