UFC 235 is just a few days away, and since our favorite lovable scamp Jon Jones is in the main event, that means one thing: just a few short days left for him to fail another drug test!

Obviously, this doesn’t include the teeny-tiny amount of steroids Jones is allowed to have in his bloodstream. You know, for being Jon Jones. No, I’m talking about Jones doing lines of cocaine and smoking bowls and then crashing his car. I’m talking about “extra” steroids in his system that the athletic commission finds and says, “Hold on, we only agreed that he could have a little…” I’m talking about anything that scuttles the Anthony Smith fight on Saturday, or turns the inevitable win into an ugly “no contest”.

The UFC, meanwhile, is playing the long odds that Jones won’t somehow screw this up. They’ve got another Las Vegas show devoted to the light-heavyweight champ (and how many out-of-state venues lined up as a fallback, I wonder…?). They’ve also devoted some of their hype machine to this fight.

For instance, here’s a Countdown vid devoted to Jones and Smith.