UFC 234 Results: Adesanya Wins, But Lets Anderson Silva Bang, Bro

Israel Adesanya has been hailed as the next iteration of Anderson Silva, so we got to see how true that is last night at UFC 234.

Last night’s UFC 234 main event was noticeably lacking in terms of having a hometown champ defend his belt against a dangerous challenger. However, what it did have was ultra-hot rising star Israel Adesanya trying out his next-level striking skills against the man who first introduced the world to next-level striking skills: Anderson Silva.

And thankfully, Adesanya let Silva bang, bro.

For three rounds, Adesanya danced, flicked out strikes at improbable angles, and scored points. But for three rounds, the former champ did the same, and though he was noticeably a step behind and a bit slower, he scored here and there.

It was actually quiet thrilling to see a younger version of Silva in the cage against the older version.

We so rarely get to see our old heroes go out gracefully. They usually get brutally maimed and murdered by the next generation hungry for blood. So it was cool to see Silva do his thing, and come away with just some dings and bruises.

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