UFC 234 Primer: Who’s Ready to See Anderson Silva Get Murdered?

Anderson Silva USADA

Who’s ready to see Anderson Silva get murdered? I know I’m not. In fact, when he steps into the cage this weekend at UFC 234, and stands across from Israel Adesanya in the co-main event, I’m going to be sad.

Sad because Silva, though legendary, is long since past his prime.

Sad because Silva, because he’s legendary, has now becomes the kind of fighter whose “name” is meant to boost the younger, more dangerous fighters the UFC wants to promote.

Sad  because Silva, though once a killer himself, is likely going to get murdered.

Let’s not forget how quickly the Brazilian tumbled off the mountain. After being so dramatically dominant and on the verge of superhuman, Silva ran into the brick wall known as Chris Weidman, twice lose in dramatic fashion. Since then, we’ve been subject to hero on the wrong side of his expiration date.

Which isn’t to say that Silva doesn’t stand a chance on Saturday. He does. It’s just that… well, what Silva used to be good at, that’s what Adesanya is good at. And getting older and slower with the reflexes doesn’t lend itself well to crafty old veterans defeating young bucks.

So yeah, Saturday. UFC 234. Who’s ready to get sad?

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