Paige Reveals Her Future WWE Plans

Paige is no longer wrestling, but that does not mean she will say goodbye to wrestling forever. She has stated numerous times in the past that wrestling is her life, so she is expected to maintain a bigger role within the WWE.

While the WWE have cancelled the general manager system, subsequently removing Paige from her general manager role on SmackDown Live, Paige has revealed some plans for the future.

“I Wanna Be a Manager for Somebody”


In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Paige revealed she would love to stay in the wrestling limelight, albeit in a different role. During the interview, she revealed her desire to become a manager.

“At this point, I don’t know. Should I put it out in the universe again? I wanna be a manager for somebody.”

“I don’t know who but I would love to do that. If that’s not the case then, I don’t know, I just want to be part of the company. I love this company. I just like to talk a lot. I don’t know if I’m any good at it, but I’ll give it a try.”

Who Could Benefit To Have Paige as a Manager?


Paige certainly has manager potential, just remember her role as the head of Absolution. There are a couple of superstars that spring to my mind but does not solely include female superstars. Here are some I think could be a good fit.

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose

My top pick is undoubtedly Mandy Rose. Mandy and Paige have a long history, as Paige was involved in Mandy’s training. She was also a member of Absolution under the guidance of Paige. So, Paige becoming Mandy’s manager is the next obvious step.

The Authors of Pain

Authors of Pain

Since Paul Ellering left as their manager, Drake Maverick has taken over the role. While he does not do a bad job, I think Paige will have more of an impact as their manager. It could also elevate their position within the company. Why not put her to manage one of the most destructive tag teams?

Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan

I’ve seen the potential of Liv Morgan for some time now, so I honestly believe her position within the Riott Squad is wasted at this point. If the WWE consider putting her on a solo run, they could have a future champion in Liv Morgan. So, she is my last pick in this overview.

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