Invicta FC 34 Results: Vanessa Porto Wins Flyweight Belt, But Sacrifices Eye

How bad do you want to be an MMA champ? Would you sacrifice your eye for it? Think about it. An MMA belt for an eye. Tempting, no?

While Bellator was busy having its fighters kick each other in the nuts last night, the ladies of Invicta FC 34 were gouging each other’s eyes out. Because, you, girls don’t have nuts.

Vanessa Porto and Pearl Gonzalez were fighting for the flyweight belt. And despite Gonzalez being a badass UFC vet, Porto was actually ahead on the scorecards by the time Round 4 rolled around…

…Which is when Porto took an accidental eye-gouge that left her bleeding (yikes!).

The rules state that if a bout must be stopped due to accidental foul, and the fight has gone on at least two rounds, then the judges’ scorecards must determine the winner. Well, that’s precisely what happened. So Porto to the decision, and the belt.

But she had to sacrifice her eye.

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