Eva Marie Sends Wrestling Universe into Tailspin

While most WWE fans could not wait to see her leave, I was one of the few people who was sad to see Eva Marie go in 2017. While she may not have been the best wrestler, she trained and improved near the end. But, her WWE heat was nuclear at the time. Despite that, she also had a genuine talent for turning people against her, which could prove useful. Unfortunately, the company did not see it that way and she was released in August 2017.

Despite Eva Marie’s controversy in her wrestling days, there could be some good news for me. During an interview with ‘TV Insider,’ Eva revealed we might see her in the WWE again soon. Sorry guys, but yay for me!

Exchanges with the WWE

Eva Marie

While Eva did not say much about the nature of the exchanges with the WWE, she has revealed there is definitely a discussion going on. While you might disagree with me, I think Eva Marie would be great for the women’s division. If she is willing to put the work in and gives it her all, why not have this charismatic star back on? Of course, now that she is sporting some purple hair, she might have to rename her gimmick to “all purple everything.”

During the interview with ‘TV Insider,’ this is what Eva Marie said about a potential return in the future:

“There has been e-mails and talk and exchanges back and forth…there has definitely been talks for sure.”

Wanting to Return to Wrestling

Eva Marie

Eva expressed a desire to return to wrestling during the interview, which is quite important in my book. When she was wrestling, she was more interested in selling hair extensions and expanding her brand on the side. While ambition is not really something to be ashamed about, it did cause serious friction with some of her fellow wrestlers. They thought she wasn’t dedicated enough. Being fired by the WWE may have been the best thing for her. Here is what she said during the interview:

“I’m always going to have that itch. I absolutely love wrestling. You never know. It’s one of those things where things have totally taken off for the women of WWE…Of course, if the opportunity arises and the timing is how it’s supposed to be, I definitely would come back to shake things up because I can always bring the heat. That’s for sure.”

The last time we saw Eva Marie in the ring was on SmackDown Live before Summerslam 2016. She was due to have a match at Summerslam, but was replaced by Nikki Bella after she got suspended for violating the WWE’s wellness policy.

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