Daniel Cormier Still Thinks Brock Lesnar Fight Could be Next

There hasn’t been much news on the Brock Lesnar front recently, in terms of when he might return to the UFC, but Daniel Cormier still believes a bout with the pro-wrestling star could be next.

After Cormier took out Stipe Miocic last July to become the heavyweight champ, the expectation was that Lesnar and “DC” would throw down in early 2019. But, in November it was reported that Lesnar had signed a new deal with the WWE and that its believed he’ll perform at Wrestlemania in April. As a result, doubts were raised about Lesnar being available to fight Cormier in Q1 of this year.

Well, recently Cormier appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and while discussing his next bout the champ said this (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I think maybe Lesnar next would be the fight,” Cormier said. “And again as I’ve always said, yeah I’ll fight Stipe (Miocic) again. It’s just the same exact thing.

“We’re not waiting for Brock Lesnar. Because of my injuries, I’m just not available to fight. If I was available to fight, I probably would have fought Stipe already. But I’m just not available to fight right now so we’ll see what happens with Lesnar and then we’ll address what’s after that.”

Now, it should be noted that a big reason why people started questioning whether Cormier – Lesnar would happen, it because previously “DC” had said he’d be retiring in March (when he turns 40). But now, due to the aforementioned injuries, the champ has pushed that deadline.

In terms of his injuries, Cormier relayed that the main issue that’s keeping him sidelined right now is his back.

“I hurt my back in New York City when I sneezed. This was no joke and it’s just still trying to rehab it and get better,” Cormier said. “It was just me hurting my back. I put a lot of miles on myself in my life with the wrestling, but then last year was a big year and you don’t get to have that type of year at my age and not really feel the effects of it and I’m still going through that right now.”

So, we’ll see what happens. If Lesnar is cleared for a return to the Octagon following Wrestlemania, maybe the UFC will look at Cormier – Lesnar for International Fight Week in July? And then Cormier would fight one more time before the years is up? Hard to say.

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