Conor McGregor On Fighting Anderson Silva, Kelvin Gastelum’s “Worm”

Love him or hate him, Conor McGregor makes headlines.

The former UFC champion was all in a tiff over Kelvin Gastelum after UFC 234 Saturday night, wanting an explanation for why he was not only parading around with a title belt, but why there are “worms crawling on his skin.”

“Why is that worm holding the 185lb belt? There are worms crawling on his skin! It was absolutely ludicrous to even consider allowing him to compete. Let alone now walk around the arena shaking our fans hands.

“Someone sort this, this instant. And sterilize that belt.


McGregor also took note of the performance in the new main event by Anderson Silva, stating “it would be an honor” to share the Octagon with the former champion. Silva lost to Israel Adesanya via decision.

“Anderson is one crafty, crafty Martial Artist. You only develop these methods through years of hard fought experience. Phenomenal performance.

“The crafty veteran. Big respect always.

“It would be an honor!”