Colby Covington Piles on Dana White & UFC Again, Threatens Legal Action

It’s a been a little while now since the UFC announced that Kamaru Usman, and not Colby Covington, is going to fight welterweight champ Tyron Woodley next. But, if you thought “Chaos” would eventually drop his fiery protest, well, it looks like that might not happen.

Since it was confirmed Woodley and Usman are going to throw down on March 2nd, Covington has been trashing both Dana White and the UFC over the decision. Covington has been driving hard for a fight with the champ for months. But, since the now, former interim champ didn’t take a bout with Woodley last September (due to pending nasal surgery), and because he turned down a fight with Usman last month, the latter’s been tapped for UFC 235 instead of him.

More recently, Covington spoke with MMA Junkie, and the accomplished wrestler made it clear that he’s not about to stop his protest. In fact, “Chaos” claims he’s ready to take it to a new level.

“We may have to go to court, and this may be a lawsuit, because let’s be honest: If (Tom) Brady wins the AFC championship … and just all of a sudden Roger Goodell says, ‘You’re not going to the Super Bowl because we don’t like you’ – no, that’s not how it works,”

“If the UFC wants to be a circus and be a corrupt business and go about their business, then that’s their problem,” he said. “I’m standing up for what I believe in. I’m not backing down.

“I don’t care what Uncle Fester has to say. I’m the No. 1 ranked fighter in the world. Go look it up on the UFC website. I had a belt wrapped around my waist by Uncle Fester. I was the only fighter to go the White House. What else do you have to do? What’s the criteria to get a title shot these days?”

So, at this point, it looks like Covington could be on the shelf for a while unless the UFC offers him a lot more money for a non-title fight. Covington also reportedly said in the interview that the UFC’s offered him “a fifth” of the money he would make for a championship bout.

Now, if say, Usman has to bow out of UFC 235 and the UFC calls on Covington then maybe the latter would return to the Octagon? Although, at this point, it’s somewhat hard to imagine Colby taking that bout, as it’s less than four weeks away.

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