AJ Styles Has NOT Re-Signed with the WWE

Popular wrestling website Wrestling News World released the story this week that AJ Styles had agreed on the terms of his new WWE contract, indicating he had re-signed with the company. However, the story appeared untrue, as Styles responded on social media.

Story Corrected By Styles

Styles retweeted the story released by Wrestling News World on February 2nd. He then stated,

“Are you sure? Please let me know the more because I Know nothing about this.”

To make the story even more unbelievable, Wrestling News World replied to Styles. Despite the fact that the man himself denied the rumour, the journalist from Wrestling News World stated he stood behind the story and that time would tell its validity.


Rumors Versus The Truth

AJ Styles

One of the biggest challenges as a wrestling reporter is the rumour. There is always a bunch of talk and rumours, which some sites report as truth. As a result, these stories get picked up by other sites, stating them as truth as well. You can see how these things can get out of hand quickly.

While I have respect for most of my colleagues in the business, I do take offence to this particular story. If you release a story about anyone, and that person comes forward to state that is not the case, why would you still push your own version? Writing untruths about people is unethical, so the least the website could do is state the correction, instead of fighting the person in question. It is ludicrous.

I feel bad for Styles. It is bad enough you have to read rumors about yourself on a daily basis, but then to have a so-called “reporter” telling you to your face that he is right about something that concerns you and your own actions, where is wrestling journalism going?

Don’t get me wrong, we at Ringside Intel are wrestling journalists and regularly post rumours. However, we state the fact that they are rumours, we do not post them as fact. When a wrestler then provides their side of the story, we make sure it is posted promptly. This is the difference.

There is a big market for wrestling rumours and news, which certainly contributes to the problem of rogue wrestling reporters. Fortunately, there are some sites left that respect wrestlers and their reputation.

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