WWE Makes Unbelievable Offer to Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has been on WWE’s wishlist for a considerable time, but the company has yet to come up with an offer attractive enough for the huge indie star, at least, up until now.

Recent rumors indicate that Kenny Omega has received a fantastic offer from the WWE. While the exact details of that offer are unknown, here is what we do know relating to the offer.

Big Financial Gain

Kenny Omega

It is believed the WWE’s offer to Kenny Omega is a massive one where finances are concerned. Omega could just as well end up on AEW wrestling, alongside The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes. With Omega on their side, AEW could do some serious damage to WWE’s profit margins, which could explain why this fantastic offer to Omega is being made know.

In 2018, The Young Bucks were offered a seven-figure deal by the WWE, which they later turned down in order to join AEW wrestling as co-founders. It is believed that Omega has received an offer that is better than those seven figures, as he is the hottest free agent in independent wrestling.

Creative Benefits

Kenny Omega

Omega has received big financial offers from the WWE in the past, so why would he take this one? Well, rumor has it that financial gain is not the only benefit of the offer made by the WWE. In fact, it is believed he would get the same offer Matt Hardy did, creative freedom.

Despite all this, the fact remains that Kenny Omega does not need the WWE at all. He does more than fine on his own in the indies and shows no signs of stopping. However, the new turn taken by the WWE could be a serious financial windfall for Omega, not to mention the interesting wrestling feuds that could happen with Omega on either the NXT or the main roster. Question remains, what will Omega do?

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