UFC Brooklyn: Joseph Benavidez Reports New Multi-Fight Deal….For Flyweight Bouts

If you’re a fan of flyweight bouts and don’t want to see the UFC punt the 125 division, then the news below might provide you with some hope…

Ahead of Joseph Benavidez’s January 19th bout with fellow, flyweight contender Dustin Ortiz, the veteran fighter has reported he’s signed a new four-fight deal. In addition, Benavidez says the contract is for fights at 125.

When asked by the media if the UFC mentioned the possibility of axing the flyweight division, Benavidez relayed they “didn’t bring it up”. Further, while discussing the ongoing speculation regarding the future of the 125 bracket, Benavidez said this (via MMA Junkie).

“I think everything really chilled out once they got that fight, because it’s steady, and we can’t really do anything in the division until after this fight,” Benavidez said, while referring to the fact T.J. Dillashaw is moving down to challenge flyweight champ Henry Cejudo at the January 19th event. “Business as usual until you hear otherwise.”

So, sure, none of this means that the flyweight division is here to stay for the foreseeable future. But it does seem to reinforce what Dana White has claimed – that no decisions have been made yet about the division.

Here’s hoping Cejudo – Dillashaw generates more interest in the flyweight division and it remains in the UFC.

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