UFC 235: Tyron Woodley Comments on Getting Booked to Fight Kamaru Usman Over Colby Covington

Tyron Woodley is not going to fight Colby Covington next like a lot of fans hope, but the UFC’s welterweight champ still has his rival on his radar.

Recently it was reported that Woodley is going to fight Kamaru Usman at UFC 235, March 2nd. The news comes after weeks of speculation as to when and who Woodley will fight next. For some time, the expectation was that it would be Covington, but its believed Usman was ultimately tapped for a title shot, due to his willingness to fight either Woodley or Covington in January.  Further, Covington passed on a bout with Woodley this past September, since he was scheduled to undergo nasal surgery.

Well, TMZ Sports recently caught up with Woodley, and while discussing the fact he’s facing Usman, and not Colby next, the champ said this (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I just recognized that at some point I’m gonna fight all these guys,” Woodley said. “Obviously the world would like to see me f*ck Colby up right quick but I think he’s trying to call shots and he’s not a champ so he can’t really do that. So I’m gonna go out there and fight Kamaru Usman and we’ll see what happens after that. Most likely I‘ll end up fighting Colby next up.”

“Yeah, I’ll fight Colby next after that,” Woodley said. “Probably in June. I think they’ve got a fight in Chicago in June. I’m a midwest guy. I train in Milwaukee which is an hour and a half from Chicago, St. Louis is not that far, and I think I’ve got strong roots there as well so it would be a good fight to headline on that card.”

Sounds like a plan, however, since news of Woodley – Usman broke, Covington has been blasting Dana White, and essentially daring him to release him. In addition, since Covington hasn’t fought since last June, will the UFC call on him to fight someone else in the interim? Would “Chaos” accept? Probably not right?

UFC 235 will be hosted by T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.