Triple H Cleared for WrestleMania 35 – Big Match in the Making?

At Crown Jewel, Triple H tore his pectoral muscle, prompting him to get surgery shortly after the match. Now, Triple H has been cleared for WrestleMania 35, and this could be great news in regards to a potential dream match: Batista versus Triple H!

The Groundwork Has Been Done

The WWE has already laid some of the groundwork that is needed for a match between Triple H and Batista. During SmackDown 1000, the pair appeared side by side as part of the legendary faction Evolution. Things would soon get heated though, since Batista loved to mention the fact that Triple H has never beat him.

During a media call this week, Triple H spoke about his recovery from the serious injury he suffered at Crown Jewel:

 “just got cleared to actually start training. Anyone that’s had a serious injury knows the difference between rehabbing a couple of hours a day and actually training. The difference is trying to get better vs. actually bettering yourself.”

“So, I just got clearance to start training and I’m excited about that as I sit here right now extremely sore from that training. It was one week ago I got the clearance so the training has already been stepped up. But I’m feeling good.” – triple H

The interesting part about his statement is that Triple H mentioned he has been cleared to start training. Of course, Triple H has never stopped training, so it is certainly no guarantee that a match between him and Batista will happen at WrestleMania 35. It is just a small drop in the bucket. However, combine the training with the appearance at SmackDown 1000, and you have a potential dream match at WrestleMania 35.

Who Is Batista?


For those of you who have not been watching wrestling for very long, let us give you a lowdown on Batista.

Even if you have not been watching wrestling, Batista undoubtedly looks familiar. Batista, real name David Michael Bautista Jr., is a wrestler as well as an actor. He has appeared in a number of films since 2006 including Riddick, Spectre, Blade Runner 2049, Guardians of the Galaxyand many others.

During his wrestling career, he has obtained a lot of titles and accolades. He won the world heavyweight championship four times, the WWE championship 2 times, the World Tag Team Championship three times, and the WWE Tag Team Championship once alongside his real-life friend Rey Mysterio.

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