Nevada Commission Licenses Jon Jones Because They Like Money

As if there were any doubt… the Nevada State Athletic Commission took up the issue of Jon Jones today, and they decided to grant him a license to compete at UFC 235.

If you’ll recall, the UFC had to move UFC 232 from Nevada to California because, well, Jones had steroids in his system (supposedly) left over from the last time he did them. And since it there wasn’t enough time to get the appropriate suitcases full of cash into the hands of appointed officials waiting in casino parking lots, the UFC did what they had to do to have Jones stay on the card.

So anyway, Jones was granted his license to face Anthony Smith. He’ll have to take all sorts of extra drug tests, and pay for them himself. He’ll also be restricted to a list of certain steroids – for instance, nothing whose name ends in “-ol” (like stanozolol).

Here’s MMAFighting:

The reigning UFC light heavyweight champion was granted a one-fight license to compete on March 2 against Anthony Smith in the main event of UFC 235 at a Tuesday afternoon hearing of the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC). In a lengthy meeting that spanned over three hours, NAC officials determined that Jones will be required to be drug tested a minimum of twice a month until UFC 235, then continue to comply with a similarly rigorous testing schedule throughout all of 2019 if he wishes to fight in Nevada again.

Jones will be required to pay for the additional drug tests in the lead-up to UFC 235.

“This is on you,” NAC chairman Anthony Marnell told Jones. “It’s on your shoulders. I like what I hear, I like what I see, but the proof’s in the pudding. So I’m happy that you’re back here, you’ll always be treated with respect here, and I wanted to make sure that you understood that today. Welcome back to Nevada, and do the right thing from this point going forward. As you know, we’re going to be visiting you frequently.”



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