Jose Aldo Hopes to Wrap up MMA Career by Year’s End

If Jose Aldo has his way, 2019 will mark the final year of the legendary fighter’s storied career.

The former featherweight champ is booked to fight rising contender, Renato “Moicano” at the UFC’s February 2nd card in Fortaleza, Brazil. After that bout, Aldo will have just two fights left on his current deal.

For months, Aldo has said he doesn’t intend to keep fighting in MMA after his contract ends, and recently he told the Brazilian media this (quotes via MMA Junkie).

“Exactly,” Aldo said. “With the small black gloves, yes. This will be the last year.”

“I want to close out my career in Brazil,” Aldo said. “That’s what we planned with ‘Dede.’ I intend to fight in, May, too, and then close it out in the second semester, because I know there will be another event in Brazil. And (the UFC) already knows that.

“So there’s no reason to aim for a title fight. But you can be sure, I’ll be a problem for anyone who gets in front of me. Because I will win these three fights, you can be sure.”

Aldo has talked about moving into pro-boxing in the past, so it looks like the 32-year-old could still be thinking about going that route.

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