Jon Jones’ VADA Test Comes Back Positive For Trace Amount of Same, Steroid Metabolite

Jon Jones

It looks like we’re not done yet talking about Jon Jones and steroid metabolites, as it’s being reported the UFC’s 205 champ has tested positive for the same, ‘pulsing’ metabolite that moved UFC 232.

Outlets like MMA Fighting and MMA Junkie are reporting that the Turinabol metabolite that showed up before, is once again present in a test Jones was administered by VADA for UFC 232. Since it’s a trace amount, and because Jones already served a suspension for the metabolite’s initial flag, the California Commission is not going to pursue any disciplinary action.

Another test Jones was administered by USADA, in connection with his win over Alexander Gustafsson last month, came up negative for any trace of a banned substance. Jones has repeatedly denied that he’s ever knowingly taken performance-enhancing drugs.

It remains to be seen, however, how the Nevada Commission handles the situation. Jones is scheduled to fight Anthony Smith in Las Vegas on March 2nd. Currently, Jones is not licensed in Nevada.

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