UFC Fight Night Brooklyn Results: JoJo Calderwood Grinds Newcomer Ariane Lipski Into Mush

UFC 299 Joanne Wood

Scottish face-kicking lass Joanne Calderwood might not have won TUF 20, but she won a spot in our hearts with her charm and violence. She has since racked up some wins, racked up some losses, and floated on up to the new flyweight division.

Her opponent for UFC on ESPN+1: some Octagon newcomer named Ariane Lipski, who’s a badass in the Polish KSW organization, but hey, this is the Octagon.

It took all of about two hard punches thrown by Lipski for Calderwood to switch from Muay Thai mode to grapple mode. It was then that Lipski probably knew she was screwed.

Although they duked it out a bit in the second, the entire fight was mostly Calderwood grinding Lipski into mush. When not eating some ground and pound, Lipski was defending against armbars, fending off chokes… the works.

Ultimately, “JoJo” took the decision. I don’t know if this puts her any closer to a flyweight title shot, but at least she’s still winning hearts and minds.

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