Is Amanda Nunes One-and-Done With the Featherweight Division?

Ain’t that something.

Amanda Nunes, the queen of all female bantamweight fighters, moves up a division to fight the super-dominant champ Cris Cyborg. Nunes knocks her out in under a minute, takes the featherweight belt, and… says no mas to the whole 145-pound division thing.

Yup. It looks like the new champ of female featherweights is eschewing defending her title. Instead, she’ll stick to the lower weight classes.

This leaves poor Cyborg out in the cold with no rematch. And if (and when) Cyborg crushes whoever stands in her way of getting that championship back, there will still be a big question mark hanging over her head because of that quick loss to Nunes.

Oh well. Maybe the UFC will sign PFL star Kayla Harrison.

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