Goldberg on His Way to AEW Wrestling?

AEW is set to be serious competition for the WWE. If the following rumor is true, then it would appear it could be even bigger competition than first thought!

A recent report on WhatCulture seems to indicate that none other than Bill Goldberg is on the AEW’s wish list. Being one of the most recognisable wrestlers in the world, Goldberg could be a major crowd draw if they manage to acquire him.

Can AEW Afford Goldberg?

The AEW roster currently consists of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Britt Baker, and Hangman Page. Looking at their ongoing promotional work, it seems the brand has some additional big names in mind, Goldberg included.


The real question remains: “Can AEW wrestling afford to acquire Goldberg?” In my opinion, I would not underestimate the power of the wrestling promotion. In an article I wrote in 2018, I stated that one of the richest men in the world could be funding the promotion. If this proves correct, the brand would have more than enough money to acquire Goldberg and other legends.

AEW wrestling looks to be going for a combination of wrestling legends and younger talent, something that has worked for its main rival WWE in the past. Real wrestling fans no longer limit their viewing behaviour to the WWE, so even without Goldberg, the brand is expected to pull some big numbers at their venues. Still, it would be nice to see Goldberg on the list. It would be more than enough for me to attend the event.

More Big Names To Follow Goldberg?

Chris Jericho

Goldberg is reportedly not the only big name the new promotion has its eyes on. In fact, two major names in the wrestling industry keep popping up when it surrounds AEW rumors: Chris Jericho and Jim Ross.

Chris Jericho is a major crowd puller no matter where he goes, but Jim Ross cannot be underestimated either. One of the most iconic announcers in wrestling history, if the AEW can grab him, the WWE could be in serious hot water.

Network Deals In The Making?


One of the reasons why AEW could have its mind set on signing big names is a future network deal. AEW is not thinking small, they are looking to get a TV deal from the get-go. Big names such as Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, and Goldberg certainly enables them to do that.

With the recent “changes” being implemented in the WWE, one does have to wonder if the upcoming promotion AEW has something to do with it. For the past couple of years, the WWE has not been listening to fans whatsoever, only to announce a couple of weeks ago they finally would. I smell something fishy in the form of competition that could cost the WWE its massive profits. Hate to say I told you so…

No matter the heart of the matter and the politics within the wrestling business, I wish AEW wrestling the best of luck and I will certainly watch their product. If they provide me with something I want to see as a wrestling fan, I certainly have more room in my wrestling heart.

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