Fired up Colby Covington Says Dana White Doesn’t Have “The Balls” to Release Him

Kamaru Usman, and not Colby Covington is fighting Tyron Woodley next, and clearly “Chaos” isn’t too happy about it.

This weekend it was reported that Usman is going to challenge the welterweight champ at the March 2nd, UFC 235 card. Although Dana White had said Usman had locked up a title shot, the news still caused a stir, since Covington and Woodley have been battling through the media for months.

The belief is, however, that Usman was tapped over Covington, since the latter couldn’t commit to a September bout with Woodley (due to pending nasal surgery), and because “Chaos” didn’t agree to fight Usman in January. It should also be noted that Usman has won nine straight in the UFC, while Covington is on a six-fight winning streak.

Well, Covington appeared on the latest “MMA Hour”, and while doing so, he had this to say about White (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“So all I did was ask for an extra two months instead of six weeks because they backed themselves into a corner in a matchmaking hole, and now they’re trying to hold this against me. But I find it funny because Dana White’s tone, he changes tone real quick. He heard from the UFC doctors, ‘Colby’s not cleared, he can’t fight in September in Dallas,’ and then he changed his tone. After the Woodley-Till fight, he was like, ‘Okay, Colby’s 100 percent fighting Woodley next, that’s the next fight to make,’ then all of a sudden everything’s changed — now they’re trying to hold it against me, ‘Oh, Colby’s not taking fights. That doesn’t fly in the UFC. Blah, blah, blah.’

“But let’s be honest: Dana, you don’t got the balls to release me. If you’re saying all of this stuff to the media, then release me. But you ain’t got the balls. You know I’m too valuable.”

“…Fly all over the country, fly all around the world, do whatever they want whenever they want. So, no big deal. If they don’t want a hard-working guy like me, then so be it. Where’s your balls? Show me your balls. If you’re so man[ly], you’re saying in all these videos that you don’t need me and I’m not worth anything and this and that, then let me go.”

So, it will be really interesting to see here if or how White responds…

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