Fabricio Werdum Rescues Drowning Teen

Fabricio Werdum is in the news, but not because of something he did in the cage, it’s because the former UFC champ recently rescued a drowning teenager in southern California.

The Brazilian star jumped into action when he saw that there was only one lifeguard on hand to rescue two teenagers who were in dire trouble. Werdum told AG Fight the following (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“When we saw the fireman’s car, the car stopped in front of us. I said I was going to help, and Karine (his wife) wasn’t sure, because it was dangerous,” Werdum said. “But when I looked, there were two tiny heads at sea yelling ‘help.’ They were very far, about 70 meters away. When the lifeguard grabbed the board by himself, I took off my coat and ran. I took the orange floater, threw it across my chest, and I arrived with him, a little further ahead even. I told him to get the girl, who was screaming a lot, and I got the boy, who was already limp. I was able to get him, and we swam toward the beach. …

“Then, at shore, an old man helped me. The waves were big. The girl sank about three times.”

How about that?! Werdum’s wife also posted the video below, which documents the end of the rescue.

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