Dean Ambrose and EC3 Could Battle it out at WrestleMania

Despite the loss of his Intercontinental Championship belt, there could be a major match in the works for Dean Ambrose. In fact, rumour has it that Dean Ambrose could be facing EC3 at WrestleMania! Talk about a turn of events for the Moral Compass of the WWE.

Building a Rivalry for EC3


While we have seen a glimpse of EC3 already, it is believed the company has high hopes for the NXT star. Much like Drew McIntyre, EC3 returned to the company stronger than ever, with a large fanbase behind him. Naturally, the WWE is looking to capitalise on his popularity.

Joe Peisich of Barnburner claims that EC3 is set for a major match at WrestleMania. In fact, the WWE is set to build a feud between Dean Ambrose and EC3. After losing his title, Ambrose could use an interesting rivalry for WrestleMania.

From Derrick Bateman to EC3


After leaving the WWE in 2009, EC3 had four years of WWE behind him. Unfortunately, the character of Derrick Bateman did not hit off and EC3 ended up in TNA (now Impact Wrestling).

From the moment he arrived at TNA, he made big waves. He wrestled and defeated numerous wrestling legends during his time there including Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, and Sting.

Since his return to the WWE, EC3 had some amazing matches with the likes of Adam Cole, Ricochet, and Velveteen Dream. Of course, he has not spent as much time on developmental compared to some other superstars which is probably due to his experience in the indies. The natural progression from NXT to the main roster did not take long at all. Unfortunately, it also means he has not enjoyed a title run on the developmental brand.

Still, not having a title in developmental does not mean you will not be successful on the main roster. Just look at Alexa Bliss, who never obtained a title on NXT.

What does the future bring for EC3 (NX3)? A WrestleMania match could be in the cards, so I’m excited to see what happens.

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