Darren Till Doesn’t Think Colby Covington’s a “Bad Boy”, or That “Chaos” Really Wants Tyron Woodley Bout

Amidst talk and speculation as to what’s going to come next for Colby Covington, Darren Till’s let it be known that he doesn’t think “Chaos” is much of a “bad boy”, or that the controversial fighter really wants to fight Tyron Woodley…

Covington’s been in the news a lot lately, not because he has an upcoming fight, but precisely because of the opposite. Recently it was confirmed that Kamaru Usman has been tapped for a March 2nd fight with the welterweight champ Woodley, and not Covington. Since news of the match-up broke, Covington has blasted both the UFC and in particular Dana White, for not giving the former interim champ a title shot.

Well, recently Till was a guest on the “Believe You Me” podcast alongside his fellow Brit, Michael Bisping. While discussing Covington’s situation, and the fact he’s pushed aside for a title fight, Till said this (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Aside from the fact Colby’s a d*ckhead, I think he did deserve the shot because he did beat a lot of guys to get there and obviously he did win the interim belt and he was only stripped of that when I fought Woodley,” Till said. “I’ll be honest, I think he’s scared to fight Woodley. I don’t think he wants the fight. I think he’s making out that he wants the fight but I don’t think he wants the fight. I think he wants to fight on his terms. That being said mate, it’s the UFC you’re talking about. There’s no terms negotiable. If they want you to fight, you have to fight unless you can come up with a good injury or excuse. It is how it is.

“It’s the same thing with Dana. He’s talking sh*t about Dana. If I had a problem with Dana, I’ve got his number. I’d just message him and say, ‘You got a f*cking problem with me or something?’ I just think it’s bad. I think it just looks stupid and it looks like you’re b*tching. .

“If you want to create a bad boy persona, don’t let people throw boomerangs at you in Australia, because if someone’s done that to me, mate, that’s a f*cking face off, so he’s not really that much of a bad boy is he?”

Now, obviously, Covington and his supporters would argue that Till’s off base here, in terms of Covington being scared of Woodley. The argument likely being that Covington has campaigned hard for a bout with the champ for months.

That aside, all this comes about following a report that the UFC was hoping to land bout between Till and Covington. The latter has said, however, that he’ll only take a non-championship fight if it has undisputed championship pay.

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