Daniel Cormier Explains Why Timeline For Retirement is no Longer Set

For a long time, Daniel Cormier said he planned to retire this March when he turns 40. But, recently there’s been speculation that “DC” could might push that deadline, and it looks like that’s indeed going to be the case.

After Cormier won the heavyweight title last July by putting away Stipe Miocic, the then champ-champ said he still intended to retire when he turned 40. As a result, the expectation was that Cormier would fight Brock Lesnar sometime in early 2019, and then likely walk away from the game.

But, here we are, January 1st, and Cormier doesn’t have a fight booked. Further, due to a new deal Brock Lesnar signed with WWE, it’s not clear yet when the pro-wrestling star will return to the UFC. For these reasons, plus the fact Jon Jones just reclaimed the 205 title, there’s been a lot of talk about whether Cormier could fight several more times. Case in point, Dana White  believes “DC” might postpone his retirement and take a few more bouts.

Well, recently Cormier spoke with MMA Junkie, and the heavyweight champ confirmed that he’s thinking about extend his fighting career, but not because of the potential showdowns he could book.

“I never said that,” Cormier said. “I have some injuries which is why I’m not competing right now. That’s why I was thinking about going a little more – that’s the reason for it, not because I was super mad about the fight or anything like that. I’ve had some things I’ve had to get through as I finish this year. The great year took a toll on the old body. I’m 40 years old. You don’t get to go and fight three times and not have to pay for it at the end of the year.”

“As Dana said Saturday, the Lesnar thing is still out there. That’s a fun fight,” Cormier said. “I’ve gotten a lot of ‘DC is very vocal about Jon Jones, but he’s willing to fight Brock Lesnar.’ No one knows what Brock Lesnar and I have going on in terms of drug testing. The drug testing for Brock could be so stringent that it would be insane. It would be as big as it’s ever been. Nobody knows that but the people on the absolute inside. So if he was to make it through all that stuff and got to a fight, then it would be worth it.”

So, there you have it. Clearly this is big and welcome news for MMA fans. If Cormier takes, say, just two more fights, then that’s two mega-bouts we would see in 2019. The decorated wrestler also said that if Lesnar can’t fight soon, Cormier wants to fight Stipe Miocic next, since according to “DC” the former champ deserves a rematch.

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