Colby Covington Wants “Undisputed” Pay to Fight Darren Till; Will The UFC Oblige?

Colby Covington has been blasting the UFC since the promotion decided to hand Kamaru Usman a title shot over him, and now “Chaos” is saying the company will need to pay up, big time, if it wants him to take a non-title fight.

After Covington won the interim welterweight belt last summer, by defeating Rafael dos Anjos, it seemed like and the champ Tyron Woodley were finally going to settle things in the cage. But, due to pending nasal surgery, Covington didn’t sign on to fight Woodley in September, and more recently, it was reported he passed on fighting Usman last month.

Well, now that Usman is going to fight Woodley at the March 2nd, UFC 235 card, there’s been a lot of speculation as to what’s going to be next for Covington. Recently it was reported the UFC is thinking about having Covington and Till throw down on March 17th. But, while talking to MMA Weekly, Covington had this to say:

“They can get me to fight whoever but they’re going to have to give me undisputed championship pay,” Covington said “I’m not going to go backwards. I was promised an undisputed title shot and undisputed pay, I’m not fighting for anything less than undisputed pay. I’m not going to fight for less money.

“They want me to fight Darren Till? Fine, no big deal, I’ll fight him but I’m getting my undisputed championship title fight pay to fight him.”

“All these guys are jobbers. I’m the best welterweight on the planet right now. No one’s going to stop me. I’m getting better everyday. All these guys suck,” Covington said. “They’re not even in my league. You haven’t even seen me at my best. You’ve seen me fighting for an interim title and winning a title at 50-percent when I couldn’t even breathe. Swallowing mucus, swallowing blood, all in my lungs, all in my sinuses and I had to get that surgery to clear it out. So you haven’t even seen my potential.”

Now, considering how long Covington’s been driving for a fight with Woodley, and that he did, after all, win the interim belt, his comments regarding championship compensation shouldn’t be too surprising. But will the UFC give “Chaos” what he wants?

It would be pretty surprising if the promotion did really. The fact the promotion has gone with Usman, instead of Covington, certainly doesn’t bode well for “Chaos” in that respect. Why would the UFC be willing to pay him that much? If they weren’t interested in giving him a title shot next?

But, might the UFC decide to bump Covington’s pay somewhat? To facilitate a headlining fight with Till in London? Maybe. Then again, considering he’s dared Dana White to release him, maybe not…

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