Colby Covington Screwed Out of Title Fight Because He Is an Idiot

Colby Covington

For a hot minute there, Colby Covington was almost the man. He beat Dong Hyun Kim, beat Demian Maia, and then beat former lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos (albeit at welterweight). Added to that formula was his incessant trash talk, and it seemed like Covington was a lock for a heated bout against reigning welterweight king Tyron Woodley.

Well, you know that old adage about striking while the iron is hot? Apparently Covington’s unwillingness to fight on the UFC’s timetable has cost him that would-be money fight.

I want to feel bad for Covington, maybe make the argument that he got screwed… but he’s an idiot who screwed himself. Sure, fighters are supposed to make the most of their time in the spotlight, because that time won’t last forever, but Covington’s wins were never all that exciting to begin with.

I guess he over-valued his worth. Because hated trash-talkers who are only minimally exciting are a dime a dozen, don’t you know?

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