Chris Jericho Decimates Brock Lesnar After the Rumble

WWE veteran and recent AEW signee Chris Jericho had some choice words for Brock Lesnar today. Coming out of another underwhelming match at the Royal Rumble, Jericho did not mince his words about the current WWE Universal Champion on Twitter.

Lose the Gut


Based on Jericho’s statements, Brock’s recent appearances in the WWE have not been much more than smoke and mirrors. I can’t say I disagree, as I have systematically used Brock’s matches as my tea or dinner break.

While I agree with Jericho that Brock’s matches have been bad, I must admit that Brock did get into better shape over the past couple of months, so I must give him that. That being said, his in-ring work still leaves lots to be desired. I’m not a fan of Brock outside the ring either, but that is just a personal opinion.

AEW Is Not Interested in All Talent

Many fans believe Chris got drunk while watching the rumble, as some of his social media statements were quite blunt to say the least. Still, Chris Jericho is not exactly known to mince his words when it comes to poor performance in the wrestling business.

After making a statement regarding Brock Lesnar, Jericho would continue the punishment towards the WWE and other wrestling promotions. According to Jericho, AEW is only interested in six to eight people from current wrestling promotions.


And the later it got, the worse it got! When a fan mentioned that Zack Ryder or Tyler Breeze should give AEW a call, Chris Jericho replied with a cold “Not Interested…”


While the comments were unnecessarily harsh, the posts did start a massive debate among wrestling fans. Some believe that only “The Elite” should join AEW, while others believe pulling in WWE talent could help sell out those wrestling events. What do you think?

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