Alex Hernandez Vows He’ll Continue to Fire Verbal Shots, Despite Crushing Loss to Donald Cerrone

Alex Hernandez wasn’t able to deliver on the bold, some would say brash comments he made leading up to his loss to Donald Cerrone. But, the promising lightweight doesn’t plan to shy away from firing verbal shots moving forward.

Hernandez recently faced the rugged star at UFC Brooklyn, and Cerrone proceeded to stop him with a vicious flurry of strikes in round two. Leading up to the contest, Hernandez predicted he was going to run through the longtime contender, and he also referred to Cerrone as a “jester” and “insecure”.

Well, since the devastating loss, Hernandez spoke with MMA Junkie.com Radio. While reflecting on the loss to Cerrone, and whether it will change how he acts moving forward, the 26-year-old said this (quote via MMA Junkie):

“That fight taught me, it feels like everything, but it’s sure as (expletive) not to doubt myself,” Hernandez said. “I’m not going to go in there any less confident. I went there 100 percent certain I was going to win that (expletive) fight. I’ll believe that in the next fight, too. I’m not going to go in there any less certain of myself, especially against this legend of the sport. I’m not going to stroke his ego or play into the ‘Cowboy’ fan. I’m not there to stroke his ego. I’m in there to (expletive) end this man. That’s really how I think. The idea of changing any of that – no, absolutely not. It’s not just to hear myself talk.

“No matter who is standing across from me, (he) is going to get a verbal onslaught. And that’s just me being me because I believe what I’m capable of.”

There you have it, and really, these comments shouldn’t come as a surprise. First off, as Hernandez mentioned, he shouldn’t be short on confidence moving forward. After all, in losing to Cerrone, he was defeated by one of the most experienced and dangerous fighters on the UFC roster. There’s no shame in that.

Secondly, while not everyone’s a fan of trash talk, there’s no denying that in this day-and-age, it moves tickets and coverage. So, one could certainly argue Hernandez would be wise to stick with the verbal warfare moving forward. It would be one thing if Hernandez wasn’t good at it, but he is. Finally, it should also be noted her that Hernandez was very respectful towards Cerrone after his loss and congratulated the star. That should count for something if Hernandez’s pre-fight trash talk didn’t sit well with you.

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