Vince Furious With Two Raw Wrestlers!

If you want to have a good future in the WWE, you better not upset the big boss. Unfortunately, two WWE wrestlers at TLC, who underperformed in the eyes of the big boss now have drawn the ire of Vince McMahon.

“This Is Boring”

Seth Rollins

It didn’t escape anyone’s attention that the match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins left much to be desired. Despite the numerous promos and the attempted feud storyline, the match at TLC fell flat.

WWE fans were not the only ones disappointed with the holds and rest spots during the match. Vince McMahon is reportedly furious with how the match went at TLC. Even though it meant a change in champion, the boring match may have ramifications for the pair.

The funny thing is that Seth Rollins is one of the most popular people on the roster due to the wrestling matches he puts on, so this match was a complete surprise. Dean Ambrose on the other hand, has been known to put on a bad match sometimes. That being said, nobody expected that bad match to be alongside Seth Rollins.

Making It Up to Vince

Dean Ambrose

With WrestleMania 35 coming closer, TLC was probably the worst time to put on a bad match. Rollins was rumored to be next in line for the WWE Universal Championship. Has that now changed with the unusual TLC match?

Honestly, it is extremely rare for Seth Rollins to put on a bad match. I cannot remember one to be honest. Whatever happened at TLC, I am sure it was a fluke. Seth Rollins should still be next in line for the WWE Universal Championship.

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