UFC 231 Results: Thiago Santos Obliterates Jimi Manuwa Like the Death Star to Alderaan

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British head-thumping specialist Jimi Manuwa is good at two things: knocking people out, and getting knocked out. But at UFC 231, his specialty seemed to be in the latter category. His opponent: Brazilian striker Thiago Santos.

They wasted no time in the first, with both men closing the distance and Santos checking Manuwa’s chin with punches that send him tumbling to the canvas. Manuwa switches into “desperation wrestling” mode, and manages to hug Santos until his head clears. Then they’re mixing it up again, Manuwa firing off knees, Santos going for takedowns – the works. In the waning seconds of the round, Manuwa is in control on the ground, but…

…Once they start trading in the second round, Santos nails him with a hook, an elbow and an uppercut, and Manuwa is suddenly the peaceful planet of Alderaan, blown to smithereens by the Empire’s Death Star.

This is Manuwa’s fourth loss by knockout in the Octagon. Is someone checking up on his brain? It might be turned to mush at this point.

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