Roman Reigns Attends Tribute to the Troops During Cancer Battle

Roman Reigns has been away from WWE television for approximately two months. The former WWE Universal Champion was forced to relinquish his title to resume his battle against leukemia, a disease he managed to keep in remission for 11 years.

This week, it appears Roman is not a man who will be kept down easily. The WWE were in Fort Hood, Texas to film their annual Tribute to the Troops. According to PW Insider, Roman Reigns attended the event.

16th Tribute to the Troops

Tribute to the Troops is an annual event for the WWE. During this event, they honor all the brave men and women of the United States military, who are (and have been fighting) for their country. It is an important event, not only for WWE’s brand standing, but for overall togetherness and for the support of the US army.

Reigns was not expected to be attending the 16th installment of Tribute to the Troops, as he is currently battling leukemia. However, various wrestling sites have reported Roman was indeed in attendance.

At this time, it is not yet clear what Roman’s role was during Tribute to the Troops. It is unclear whether Roman was there to make a TV appearance or simply spent his time backstage; this is something we will not know until the tribute show airs on December 20.

Other Public Appearances

Despite his diagnosis, Roman Reigns has appeared since the relinquishment of his title. In fact, his first public appearance after his diagnosis became world news last month.

Roman made his first public appearance at a college football game, where his former team the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets played.

Since his diagnosis, many wrestlers and even football teams have reached out to Roman with their support. The NFL even sent him two special jerseys. One of the jerseys had the number one and the name Reigns on it, The other sported his real name Anoa’i and the number 96 which was the number Roman was given during his college football days.

Since relinquishing his title, there have been few updates on Roman’s overall health and his leukemia battle. However, it is expected he will be out of the ring for some considerable time in the future. If any updates are released regarding his health, Ringside Intel will let you know.

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