Mystery Illness Sweeps Through Main Roster

A mystery illness has been sweeping through the main roster. While the WWE has not disclosed the nature of the illness, several superstars have been hit by it over the last week. It might even jeopardise some of the matches for TLC on Sunday. So what is going on within the WWE?

Who Has Been Hit By This Mystery Illness?

mystery illness

Several superstars are reported to suffer from the mystery illness. On the current list there are Bobby Roode, Alexa Bliss, and Mandy Rose. However, the one that worries me the most isĀ Finn Balor, since he has a major match at TLC on Sunday.

Finn Balor is scheduled to take on Drew McIntyre at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. Unfortunately, the mystery illness could cause the match to be cancelled.

Mandy Rose and Naomi were scheduled to have a match at SmackDown Live this week, but the unknown illness cause the match to be cancelled. Bobby Roode, on the other hand, was able to perform this week despite the fact was sick too.

Concerns About the Undisclosed Nature of the Illness

Finn Balor

When a wrestler gets sick or injured, the WWE usually releases a statement with the exact nature of the injury or illness. Contrary to what happens most of the time, the WWE has not made an official statement which is making fans worried about the exact nature of the illness going around.

Ringside Intel will keep a close eye on the situation as it unfolds. At this time, there is no news on the match between Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre. Since it is one of the most interesting matches on the card, we hope it can take place on Sunday nonetheless. Still, if Finn is ill, it might be better for him to sit this one out.

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