Man With Epic Drug Problem Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas

In case you missed it, Jon Jones has a drug problem. An epic one. I mean, who else gets an entire UFC moved to another state a week before just so the UFC can find a commission that will license him?

Of course, the official party line is Jones did nothing wrong here. That the test the UFC (note: the UFC, not USADA or any commission) gave him prior to UFC 232 wasn’t any kind of official drug test, and anyway, the positive result is likely a trace left over from the last time Jones supposedly didn’t do any drugs.

As per the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

UFC president Dana White insists the latest controversy surrounding Jon Jones isn’t another stain on the legacy of one of the most successful yet polarizing fighters in the organization’s history.

“Nothing was done wrong here,” White told the Review-Journal in a Monday phone call. “Jon Jones didn’t do anything wrong. We have the science to prove it.”

Okay, sure, maybe it is a leftover trace amount from the last time Jones did drugs. But… he denied doing it then, and avoided a lengthier suspension by ratting people out. And the UFC (wisely) had the foresight to administer their own drug test prior to UFC 232 because they knew that the likelihood of Jones blowing it was high.

But let’s say that the UFC and USADA’s argument is true, that Jones actually didn’t do any fresh drugs. That’s a huge shift in stance. Because they previously acted like it wasn’t possible to have trace amounts of steroids in your system from long-ago use. Cue Frank Mir!

You ever get the sense that, because the UFC needs to make some revenue projections, they treat their pay-per-view draws a little differently?

Anyway, a lot of fans are getting screwed because of the sudden shift from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for a UFC 232 venue. Imagine buying tickets to the event, plane tickets to and from wherever, paying for a hotel and all that jazz, and then learning less than a week before the UFC 232 that your plans are suddenly screwed?

Imagine being any of the other fighters on the card, who must now pay California taxes on the money they’ll make, and who must now tell their friends and family that was supposed to come see them fight that Jones couldn’t fight in Vegas, so it’s California or bust.

So yeah, here’s Jones wishing everyone a merry Christmas.


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Want to wish you all the most wonderful Christmas. #UFC232

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