Kevin Owens Return Date Revealed!

WWE Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has not been seen on WWE television for a while, making many people wonder what happened to the former WWE champion. However, there is now some good news for Kevin Owens fans, as his predicted return date has now been revealed!

Due Back in Late February

Kevin Owens

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Kevin Owens’ return is expected in late February to early March. That being said, WWE management is thinking about holding off his return until WrestleMania, which could mean there are some serious storylines in the works for the former prizefighter.

Owens has been out of action since October 2018. Briefly after his feud with Bobby Lashley, Owens needed to have double knee surgery. While the knee surgery was not necessarily a result of recent injuries, it was a long-lasting problem for Owens and needed to be addressed.

Kevin Owens Wants Elton John at WrestleMania

Elton John

Despite recovering from serious surgery, Kevin Owens is still responsible for some of the best tweets of the year! In one of the most recent ones, Owens challenged Sir Elton John to a match at WrestleMania.

Kevin Owens’ rather weird tweet came after an Elton John concert was cancelled. Of course, it was the concert that Kevin Owens was going to attend. Naturally, this was a prime moment for Kevin Owens to show fans he is still very much around. Funny as hell though!

While there is no absolute certainty about the exact return date for Owens, the WWE are clearly considering putting him back into the ring starting late February. There are many events between then and WrestleMania, so we could be in for a lovely surprise next year.

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