Jon Jones Lays Into Daniel Cormier, Challenges “DC” to “Prove” He’s a Champ-Champ

For a little while there, the beef between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones seemed to get just a wee bit smaller. But, following recent comments from Cormier regarding Jones’ USADA flags, tensions have ramped right back up.

Jones is preparing to take on Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232, December 29th, in what is expected to crown a new light-heavyweight champ. The belt’s current holder, Cormier, is expected to defend his heavyweight title next (possibly against Brock Lesnar) and then retire next March.

Well, recently Cormier was a guest on Jim Rome’s podcast. During the appearance, “DC” reportedly said this about Jones’ USADA issues and Cormier’s loss to his rival last year (quotes via MMA Weekly):

“My deal’s this, I never once said he didn’t win the fight. I’ve never said that. Even when people would tell me ‘no you didn’t get a fair shake, it’s not cool, he cheated’, I said the guy won the fights,” Cormier said. “Cause I’ve always said, I’m sure he’s not the only guy I’ve ever fought who’s on steroids. I’ve always said that. I’ve been very open about that but when you say a pinch of salt — why was the pinch of salt there?

“Why was it there without any explanation of why it got there? That’s my question. Why didn’t I have a pinch of salt in the swimming pool? That’s where my issue is. You win the fight, go ahead and win the fight but don’t leave anything to question is my response. Don’t have a pinch of salt. Don’t have tainted sex pills. Just don’t have that stuff and then we never have these discussions to discredit the things that you have done. That’s my response.”

These comments got back to Jones, as the former champ fired off these tweets in response:

“Pinch of salt, no pinch of salt. You still had steroids in your system in a fist fight,” Cormier stated. “Not cool.”

Daddys baby still out there whining, What proud “double Champion” just vacates his belt because someone else returns to the sport?

Fight me one more time and prove you’re actually the champ champ. I’ll donate $100,000 to a charity in San Diego if you accept. Conor McGregor was an actual double Champ, the whole world knows your claim is a freaking joke. You’re more than welcome to be my first title defense

So, ya. Clearly the rivalry is alive and well. The big question is, however, will these two fight again? Many believe that unless Jones agrees to fight Cormier at heavyweight, the answer is no. But, Cormier is a massive competitor, so maybe he’ll take Jones up on his challenge?